I existed because I dreamed

and well...i dream no more

Its Brittney Bitch <3
25 December
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werd =D
hey everyone! my name is brittney. im 22 years old. im from west warwick rhode island. born & raised. i currently work for FYE entertainment, its pretty rad. Im obsessed with nintendo, xbox360, final fantasy, and anything gamer related. i also have an obsession with cars. im wicked nerdy. i have a heart of gold. im outgoing and excited about life. but im also realistic and down to earth. im always looking for new friends on here so get at me!
Why I'm here
uhm lj is kinda dead lately so im here to post at communities mostly =D
About the Layout
This layout features one of my favorite Anime's [Fruits Basket]. It includes two of the main characters, Kyo & Tohru. I love the dynamic of the two characters and absolutely fell in love with the idea of them being lovers. The picture in the layout wa made by queenofcheese over at deviantart.com. The picture displayed in my userinfo was made by kara lija. I got the code for the layout over at createblog.com and photoshopped both the layout and the userinfo. The pictures were taken from above creators but the actual products were created by me. If you steal them, I kill you.
like everyone i am obsessed with my my myspace
im a devoted reader of post secret
I was stamped as Belle @ keybladerating
Voted to look mostly like Katharine Mcphee @ dead_ringers
I am most like Saya @ bloodplus_stamp
I am most like Yoshi @ mario_rating
I was voted as Tifa @ acratings
Irvine @ ff_rating
Paine @ ultima_rating
Zell @ balamb_rating
As Haru from fruits basket @ furuba_rating
I play: Leblanc & Rinoa over at shiva_dancing